how to help

Don’t tiptoe around us like we’re going to either explode or fall apart at any moment. If you have someone in your life who has mental health problems, what they need you to do most is not treat them any differently to how you would usually when they confide in you how they feel.

And please please please… do not stop inviting your friends out when they decline invitations due to feeling awful. Cajole them from time to time, get them out of their isolation and remind them that there is good in the world, that there is light and love and that you are there for them.

One time not long after I got diagnosed, my best friend and her husband showed up out of the blue and decided they were taking me out for the day to cheer me up. It worked – it got me out of the house and I actually did something productive rather than sitting in my room with my thoughts.

It’s the small things like that that can really make a huge difference to someone who feels like there is no hope at all in the world for them.



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