struggling to manage anger

This post may be triggering for its description of ADHD and depression.

If things get negative and take a bit of an off tangent it’s because I am a walking conflict. I can see a lot of aspects on things, but I feel like I tend to get angry or stubborn when trying to take a standpoint. -Still trying to get an explosive anger problem under control!

With anger, usually I can just take some quiet reflective time and cool down. That can even be in the middle of a group of people, I will just get a little quiet. It gets worse when it’s not dealt with. My boyfriend has this thing he does when I’m angry and slamming things, he acts as though I’m not even there. He hears everything but he does NOT acknowledge it and that makes my BLOOD BOIL! I’m definitely a talker and he is a thinker so our arguments can get unnecessarily heated pretty quickly.

I have almost always had a partner throughout my life. I’ve always “chosen my battles” because it’s a compromise when being in a relationship, I have learned to adapt and adjust to the person closest in my life. I have become more forgiving and flexible because that’s the natural progression, but I think also because I’ve always had someone pointing out MY faults along with me not putting up with his faults.



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