Facing Bigotry When Borderline

This may be triggering for its mention and description of mental health stigma, mental illness, and self-harm.

One thing I dislike a lot, people seem to think mental illness = mental impairment/challenged. I’m not an idiot. Just because I have mental illnesses, doesn’t mean I should be talked down to or treated like I am some kind of idiot.

People also seem to think, because I have borderline, that I am some kind of psycho who is just waiting to go postal and murder everyone. I’m just a normal person doing normal people things. Yes, there are people with mental illnesses that do go postal and kill people, but they are the vast vast vast minority.

I also have, in the past, self harmed quite significally. Self harm, for me, was a way to feel real. I have had depersonalisation/derealisation for such a long time, that pain was the only thing that could bring me back. I now have other better coping mechanisms (exercise, FTW!). But until I had discovered/was taught better coping mechanisms, all I could do was cut.

My scars are quite noticeable. You can seen them in plain light and are quite large. Anyway, because of that, people quite often make snide remarks and stare and things of that nature. Yes, I cut myself. Doesn’t make me less of a person. Some people have good coping mechanisms, some people don’t. Why does my coping mechanism mean that I am to be ridiculed or dehumanised?



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