Surviving Abuse

This may be triggering for its descriptions of abuse!

The cause of my mental health issues stems from when I was a baby.

From a pretty young age, I was mostly neglected by my then caregiver (my father). He was an alcoholic, drug user (mostly weed, but also meth). As such, most of the time, he wasn’t around and I was left with random weirdos. That was my life for the first few years of my life. After a while, my mum stepped in and took charge. She gained custody of me, but with visits to my father on weekends. He was still off his face, but he had a good lawyer, so I still had to go see him. From about the ages of 8 to about 12 or 13, I was sexually abused by him and his drug using “friends”. Purely by coincidence (until the last few years, my mum didn’t know about the sexual abuse), my mum went for full custody and got it. Since about 13 or whenever she got full custody, I haven’t seen him. I don’t plan to. He can rot in hell for all I care.

My mum was a better caregiver than my father, but she was still out of her depths. She wasn’t properly able to care for me, though she did try her best. I grew up exceptionally poor. For the most part, food was sandwiches, if we could even afford that. She tried her best, but she was trying to bring up 2 children (me and my sister) on welfare, with no child support. I blame my father, but I don’t blame my mum. She did the best she could with the circumstances presented.

-Richard, inspired by Richard Branson: He’s dyslexic, and yet he’s not let that stop him doing everything he’s ever wanted.

For more information about Richard Branson, click here.


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