Working with Anxiety

This may be triggering for its mention and description of anxiety.

One situation comes to mind where I hid it when I was about 24. At my first 9-5 job after college, I had been there for probably 7-8 months and was growing very unhappy with the situation. I was experiencing extreme anxiety and it was unbearable to sit at my desk. I would often leave early or come in late. I went to the doctor a few times and was getting a medication situation sorted out. I realized that my boss’s patience was wearing thin and asked my doctor what he thought I should do, he told me people will often say that they have mono and that’s what I did. It allowed me the flexibility I needed at that time. Not long after, I realized I needed to leave the position and did so in a professional way. My anxiety was almost completely lifted after I put in my two weeks notice.

Currently, I work remotely, with the exception of going to client meetings. It allows me enough flexibility that I need but I am still extremely passionate about my career and work very hard from a place that is comfortable to me.



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